End of an era. 

So today was my last day at the school I’ve been teaching at for the last 15 years. To say it was all rather sudden would be an understatement. At the February half term, I had no expectation of leaving the profession for several years. The threat of capability changed everything. 

I decided that I just did not have any energy left to fight, nor could I work any harder or put in longer hours in order to meet targets and jump through hoops. 

So here I am. Sitting at home after the most traumatic working day of my life. The parents were wonderful saying  so many  wonderful things that they made me cry. My colleagues told me how they valued my friendship and support. Children I had never taught gave me cards and presents.  Children I had taught bought me cards and presents. Children I taught long ago, grown up now, made contact to say how I had made their school life so positive. 

I realised that the time I’ve spent in this school has been valued by those that matter. That I have made a difference in the lives of many, colleagues, parents and most of all children. I will take that knowledge with me as go forward on my new adventure. 

Not everything of value can be measured: not everything that is measured is valuable. 


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