The Rise and Fall of a Teacher

When I started teaching, a mere 17 years ago, I walked around the school expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and tell me I was rubbish at teaching. 

Today was the day. 

Three years ago I was so confident in my teaching that I began to apply for Deputy Headships. I had already been drafted in as part of an LA initiative to support teachers in other schools. So successful had I been, that I was asked to present at the rollout of the initiative in London schools. 

Well how are the mighty fallen. Pride goes before a fall. 

Today I was advised, that although he really didn’t want to, my HT was going to have to start capability with me. 

I resigned as a member of SLT and as staff governor. And now I have a choice. 

Stay and fight or take early retirement. 

Which would you choose? 


8 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of a Teacher

  1. Joe Baron

    Don’t take it too personally, and don’t allow it to destroy your confidence. The job has become so impossible that, if unlucky enough to be targeted, any one of us could be placed on the dreaded ‘capability’ at any time. Good luck!

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  2. e=mc2andallthat

    I feel so sorry for you. No-one would think less of you if you took the early retirement option. Sadly, Joe is right: the job nowadays is such that anyone will come up short if targeted. If you can take a few days and then decide.

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  3. Caz

    I faced this last year, there’s little point in fighting to stay if you don’t think the powers that be will actually be wanting you to succeed. If they haven’t started the process you are free to move on with out it being on your reference. Step away and try again somewhere else, don’t assume that you can’t be valuable in a different role in a different school; it sounds like you have a lot to offer.

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