With respect to @Sue_Cowley Knowledge: What I know as a teacher.

Shamelessly borrowed from Sue Cowley a response to her poem. https://suecowley.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/knowledge-the-first-five-years/
I hope she’s not offended!

Knowledge: What I know as a teacher

As a trainee teacher
I didn’t know much
I knew how to listen
I didn’t say much.

I wasn’t sure
Who the big people were
But I read a lot
About Chomsky and Bruner.

As an NQT
Things weren’t much better
I followed instructions, schemes
And plans to the letter.

A kindly mentor
Hurried things along
And the year went quickly
Though I got things wrong.

As a middle leader
I managed a team
Working with colleagues
I followed my dream.

Sharing ideas,
Plans and resources
The highs and the lows
The late night discourses.

As an experienced teacher
I should be top of my game
Driving improvement
Everyone knows my name.

But what’s this you ask
How old fashioned you are
The minister you see
Knows better by far.

Work longer hours
Stop moaning and listen
Get the progress we need
So that PISA will glisten.

After 17 years
Teaching in schools
This much I know
We’re being led by fools.


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